29th January - 4th February – panel discussions within RE-DEFINICJE project orga
Over 40 experts, practicioners, and researchers from various fields have begun the subsequent phase of this week's RE-DEFINICJE. All invited guests endeavoured to redefine the concept of SUCCESS, MARKET, ENTERPRISE, and FAITH. This week's guests were Krzysztof Zanussi, Jan Turnau, Stanisław Soyka, professor Łukasz Turski, Nina Kowalewska – Motlik, Grzegorz Lindenberg , Paulina Szalińska, and Małgorzata Starczewska – Krzysztoszek.
23rd January 2012 - BOHOBOCO SS 2013 Fashionshow
BOHOBOCO duo comprised Kamil Owczarek and Michał Gilbert Lach presents the electric mixture of styles from the greatest world capitals in the latest spring/summer collection. BOHOBOCO SS 2013 collection was presented in SOHO Factory in Warsaw on 23rd January 2012. „Tropical Paradise" by Swarovski complements the collection perfectly.
4th – 8th February - the last panel discussion of RE-DEFINICJA, THINKTANK, and M
Last week our guests professor Andrzej Blikle, Bartłomiej Sołowiej, Tytus Wojnowicz, Linda Makarewicz, Paweł Ciacek, Leszek Szycman, Adam Aduszkiewicz, and Barbara Uytenbogaardt endeavoured to redefine HAPPINESS, PATRIOTISM, LIFESTYLE. The results will be soon published in a special THINKTANK raport.
24th January 2013 - Rafała Milacha „San Francisco” vernissage
M25 Club (building 58 SOHO Factory) was the venue for the vernissage of the photographs taken by Rafał Milach in San Fransisco for House brand. This event hosted such celebrities like
Kaja Paschalska ("Klan"), Michał Tomala ("Na Wspólnej"), Joanna Majstrak ("M jak Miłość"), Alan Andersz ("39 i pół", "Got to Dance"), Łukasz Jakóbiak ("20m2 Łukasza"), Bartek Jędrzejak (TVN presenter), Pati Sokół (a singer), and Juliett Kuczyńska (a fashion blogger).
15th January 2013 – ORANGE interview with Sonia Bohosiewicz and Rafał Królikowsk

SOHO Factory could play host to Rafał Królikowski and Sonia Bohosiewicz who starred in the latest comedy of Sławomir Kryński "Podejrzani zakochani”.This was an opportunity for them to talk about the movie.

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Tutorial workshop with the master of a portrait. It is dedicated to passionates and those who dabble with artistic photography. This workshop's aim was to make own full-range photo projects under tutelage of a tutor - starting from the choice of the subject, going through the means, conscious photography, and finishing with the choice of photographs and their final editing.

The guidelines were to make a valuable photographic series that might become part of some exhibition, publication, or commercial portfolio.

15th December 2012 - MUSTACHE YARD SALE WARSAW – coverage!
On 15th December 2012 there was the 8th edition of streetwear MUSTACHE WARSAW YARD SALE in Soho Factory in Warsaw at Mińska 25. The organizers have already promised that it would be the biggest event of this type in Poland. Was it successful? We personally wanted to check that .
8th-9th December 2012 – PRZETWORY (RECYCLES)
The 7th edition of PRZETWORY (RECYCLES) finished just yesterday. It is one of the most popular Polish events connected with design, ecology, and recycling. Despite Jack Frost, that weekend over 5000 Warsavians visited 15 and 16 Soho Factory halls to admire and buy works of art created live by over 300 participants.