Veni, Vidi… Eaten!
I did it! My dreams… at last a reality! I teamed up with one of the today’s best chefs, and a long-time friend and an inspiration, Robert Kondziela. Together we have conjured a singular, exceptional, extraordinary, and indeed a magical place… “Warszawa Wschodnia” – the restaurant Located in the center of Europe, in the heart of Warsaw, in the chic quarters of Praga, and in the interior of The Soho Factory, Warszawa Wschodnia is where it’s at.
We set a spectacular, aromatic stage anticipating varied and joyful participants! Warszawa Wschodnia is enchanting everyone… Whether he is is a jaded New Yorker, a sophisticated Parisian, a know-it-all Milanese, or even a surprised Warszawiak !
The often forgotten “Old Polish” cooking is getting an astounding revival via the culinary mastery of Robert Kondziela and my own understanding of the French dining experience. Warszawa Wschodnia will serve as a savoury reminder of the essentials of a good kitchen: simplicity and superbly prepared food. I am truly grateful to my father for instilling in me, or more accurately, infecting me with this love for creative and indulgent catering, and offer me the best of culinary school. It was through those hard learned lessons that I came to understand the principals of running a fine restaurant, and where the customer reigns supreme, feeling ( according to my father principle ) - ” like a queen of England “.
Your first visit to Warszawa Wschodnia will allay any doubts that our restaurant is a true labor of love.
Warszawa Wschodnia – join us for a culinary performance where you can be just the audience or you can even opt to be the conductor. You and your guests can enjoy our exquisitely prepared dishes or, unique to Warszawa Wschodnia, you can be the maestro of our kitchen and prepare your own dinner with our chef merely assisting in the background. Decisions, decisions!
No one will be turned away at Warszawa Wschodnia We are continually open, 24/7 Are you in a mood for a snack, or perhaps a complete dinner. Maybe a glass of excellent wine or just a shot of cold vodka? Are you dining alone or cooking with friends?